Parker’s greenhouse grows garden plants for the people who live on the east side of New Mexico’s Sandia Mountains, which includes the foothills and the high desert plains. We specialize in a diverse variety of acclimatized plants for those who garden 6,000 to 8,000 feet above sea level. We grow 90% of our perennials and annuals from seed, mix our own soils and bareroot all of our trees and shrubs. We sell plants only. We do not sell pots, garden furniture, topsoil potting soils, mulch, herbicides, pesticides, etc.

When you visit please understand that plants still growing in the greenhouse are not ready for you to put in the ground. They are in all stages of development. We have a three-step hardening off process that is not completed until they are outside in the sales area. Buy plants from the greenhouse at your own risk.

We provide guidance and inspiration to anyone wanting to learn about gardening. We keep your personal needs and resources in mind while helping you choose the right plant for the right place. High altitude gardening has its unique challenges and we have the experience to help you meet them.

Inspiration comes in the form of Monika’s garden. The gardens are designed as a series of garden spaces, each with its own theme. There is the Victorian garden for those who treasure flowers, trees and shrubs set informality. The Japanese inspired pond garden, with its zig-zag bridge, feels  silent and meditative. The Mountain garden is filled with evergreens, wildflowers, and penstemon and uses the seven principles of xeric gardening. The orchard and fruit garden is for those who want function along with their beauty. The native grass meadow is for those who want to learn how they might include native grasses in their garden plans. Each garden flows into the other and unites the entire garden giving one a feeling of abundance, peace and accomplishment. It’s those feelings we wish to help you create within your own garden.

Garden Etiquette

The garden is not a public recreation area. Please enjoy the garden quietly and respect everyone’s experience. You will be asked to leave if you are disturbing others. Please keep your children near you. Out of control children disturb everyone and are destructive. Their safety should also be your concern. This garden is visited by rattlesnakes and contains many poisonous plants. Stay on the grass, dirt and gravel pathways. Please don’t pick off the flowers or the seed pods. We collect the seed to grow plants for the next year. Preserve the beauty that you see for others and especially for the family who works every day to make the garden beautiful for you. This garden offers many learning opportunities.  We offer you beauty, peace, and quiet. We are not funded by any local or federal taxes and maintain this garden with entrance fees and our own money. This is also  our home, we welcome you as our guests.