Opening weekend for 2023 is April 1st and 2nd. We will be open for retail sales from 9-4 every weekend until we close, July 15th and July 16th 2023. The garden will open on Father’s day weekend June 17th -18th.  until we close. HOURS FOR THE GARDEN: 9-3. Admission fee for the gardens: Adults $5, Children 12 years and under $3. The garden is small and not meant for picnicking and yard games. There is no food allowed inside the garden. All backpacks and large bags will be stored for you at the entrance gate or should be left behind in your vehicle. This garden is peaceful and quiet. Be courteous to fellow visitors and remember you are at our home, not a park. Children must be close to you at all times and be respectful of others. No strollers allowed inside as the paths are not wide enough. No dogs allowed. Please do, walk on the grass.

The history of Parker’s Farm and Greenhouse goes back four generations. Bill Williams and Ada Bassett came to New Mexico with their families in 1907 from Missouri. They met and married in 1915 and acquired the ranch in Edgewood in 1932. Bill and Ada raised Charolais cattle, milked cows and raised a flock of 1000 White Leghorns. Their only daughter Gracial, married Kenneth Parker in 1939. They lived in a two-room adobe home on the ranch and had four boys:  Ancel, Eddie, Ricky and Kevin. The family left the ranch in 1954 and it was abandoned for eighteen years. Ricky came back to the ranch in 1972 and started to rebuild. Ricky met Monika in 1973 and they planted an orchard and a large vegetable garden together. They began truck farming in 1975 and sold vegetables in Albuquerque for twenty-five years. Ricky and Monika also raised two children, daughter Sarah born in 1980 and son Andy in 1982. Monika’s flower garden was established in 1990 eventually growing to four acres. In 1991 the family started to make the switch from vegetable farming to horticultural greenhouse production. Ricky and Monika along with their son Andy have been in the nursery business for twenty-eight years.



Ricky, Andy, and I strive to grow the best plants we can every year for the people of the East Mountains. Our goal is to help them grow beautiful gardens starting with excellent plant material.

We provide guidance and inspiration to anyone wanting to learn about gardening. We keep your personal needs and resources in mind while helping you choose the right plant for the right place. High altitude gardening has its unique challenges and we have the experience to help you meet them.

Our retail garden store will be opening April 1st and April 2nd, 2023  and will be open every Saturday and Sunday through July 15th and 16th.  Our hours are 9 to 4. The garden will open on Father’s day June 17th and 18th and continue to be open each weekend until we close in July. HOURS FOR THE GARDEN ARE  9-3. Admission to the garden is $5 for adults- Children 12 and younger $3. My garden is small, peaceful, quiet and contemplative. It is not a place for picnics and yard games. Food is not allowed inside. Strollers are not allowed, as the paths are too small. No dogs allowed. Children should be with your family group at all times. Please remember to be respectful of others. Please do, walk on the grass.


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