Parker Memo

Carona Virus

 We are a farm and an essential business. We are open four months a year on weekends only. We only sell the plants that we produce. We are only three people that do everything.  All outdoor spaces will be open every weekend only, Saturday and Sunday, in April, May, June, and July for plant sales from 9am. to 5pm. on Saturdays and from 9am to 4pm on Sundays.

The garden is closed until further notice.

We expect everyone to respect personal space, to bring their own hand sanitizer, practice good hygiene, and keep visits short. Please look at our availability list to see what we have before you come. We are allowing 10 people into the sales space at a time. Please keep your distance from everyone. Six feet is not always possible but we need you to try.  When there is a line forming we will ask you to keep your visit short. There will be a gatekeeper to make sure everyone abides by this rule. I can be one mean hombre.

Both Ricky and I are way over 60 years old. It’s going to be hard not to hug you and shake hands with you and share long conversations with you. Part of what makes this job enjoyable to us is greeting old friends and making new ones. We debated whether we should open for our safety as well as others. Deciding to open those areas that were out in the fresh air seemed reasonable to us, especially if we practice the personal safety guideline above. We hope to see you, with your sanitizer in hand, your happy smiles, and a few words of good cheer. We will be here waiting for you, with ours.