Parker Memo



Seed catalogs should be clogging your mailboxes about now, and if they are not, get online to see what’s new. Even if you never expect to plant a single seed, catalogs can help you design and dream about your garden. They can help you make intelligent, exciting choices when you get to the nursery. Some of the best names in catalog sales are Johnny’s Selected Seed, Plants of the Southwest, Stokes, Germania, and Park Seed. These companies are the literal tip of the iceberg. I mention them because their seeds are fresh and have reliable germination rates. All have been selling seeds for decades and we buy many of our seeds from them.

Seed catalogs can be deceiving. The best of them will tell you how many seeds are in a packet, how many days to bloom or harvest, and if the plant is an annual, a plant that lives for one year, or perennial, a plant that lives longer than one year. The photographs are beautiful. The produce is washed and shined; flowers are grouped into lovely bouquets. It’s like going shopping when you’re hungry.

But what better time to dream! The East Mountains are frozen and covered in snow. Last year’s growing attempts are behind us, and this the beginning of a brand new year. Ricky, Andy, and I spend hours looking through seed catalogs. We comparison shop for the best prices, balancing success with poor performance, confident we can always do better. Seed catalogs burst with new information and promise for the coming season, hopefulness splashed across every page. We are inspired by them every year.

Our wish for you this year is to be healthy enough to tend a plant, happy enough to enjoy the life around you and to have a few spare hours to dream through this year’s catalogs. Time spent contemplating your goals for next year, is time that saves money and effort.

We thank you all for making 2019 a happy year for us. We can’t wait for you to see what we have in “store” for you this year.


Monika and the Boys

P.S. The Parker Memo will no longer be newly written weekly. Instead, I will write a new entry on the 1st of each month. See you in February!