Parker Memo

Hello all,

This week I’ve decided to accomplish two tasks at the same time. One of my jobs here at  the farm is to write up customer handouts that help our shoppers become familiar with gardening tasks that are unique to the East Mountains. This week’s memo  will address new visitors to our greenhouse, and this site, by creating a handout of information specific  to the newbies of this area. Below is a copy of the handout.

Welcome to Parker’s Farm and  the East Mountains

We at Parker’s  want you to succeed in your gardening efforts. To help you make the best use of your time here, we have created this handout to help you understand who we are and the challenges to expect if you are new to the area or new to gardening.

Ours is  a do-it-yourself nursery. We provide the plants and you do everything else yourself. We grow every plant here, mostly from seed and cuttings. We give advice  according to what the plant’s needs are. We don’t offer landscaping services or design services or do consultations. The local paper has professionals that will help you with those needs. We do not guarantee or replace plants.  Buying plants from us is at your own risk. Protection and extra care of your new purchases is advised no matter what time of year you buy.  This means using coverings to protect your plants, from freeze, wind, and varmints. We will always give you advice on how to do that including whether you should reconsider buying the plant at all.

If you live in the East Mountains above 6,000 feet, gardening is difficult and the high elevation makes it harder to establish gardens. Our weather patterns are much more varied and severe at this altitude. Gardening  of any kind means being prepared for damaging winds, hail, and below freezing temperatures, as well as week long periods of drought, some during 90 degree temperatures. Gophers, rats, mice, voles, snakes, rabbits, deer and insect plagues create never ending cycles of destruction. As babies, new plants will need extra watering and care for at least a month until they take hold.  To help you prepare for gardening and purchasing from us, we advise obtaining a copy of the Sunset Western Garden book, any edition, and become familiar with it. It is an encyclopedia of plant varieties specific to the Southwest and gives helpful strategies for gardening at this elevation. It will help you save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in bad plant buys. Most of all, it will enable you to become an educated gardener and help us help you.

Please ask for handouts if you need them. We have a watering guide, a vegetable garden guide, a tree and shrub guide, a growing perennials guide and a how to plant your new plants guide. If you are having gopher problems please go to the NMSU web site and read about solutions.

It doesn’t matter if you garden in a container or want to provide food for your family or want to make your corner of the world a paradise. We welcome you all and want to provide you with the best plants we can possibly grow. Welcome to Parker’s Farm and Greenhouse and the East Mountains.

This will also be posted on our web site. I hope it helps explain who we are and helps to prepare future East Mountain gardeners for some of the difficulties they may face.


Monika and the Boys