Parker Memo



I started this memo in  August of 2018 as a way to share our gardening knowledge with you. It has been a weekly dairy of what we do as a nursery and what happens in our garden. As fellow residents on the difficult road to success in the East Mountains, we hope that we have been able to lend you a hand up. Ricky, Andy and I work like busy honey bees, always learning and sharing our ideas and plants with the rest of the East Mountain colony. It is in this spirit that I would like to outline our plans for the coming season.

We have finished seed and plant material orders for 2020 and have gathered seed from the garden, the ditches and the neighbors. A list of new varieties will be available in the spring.  A few new plant selections include hybrid lilacs, Asian pear trees, hellebores, mini berberis, and  a hardy fig tree for the adventurous. We will continue to have our usual offerings of perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees. These will be listed on this site under plant availability, also in the spring of 2020.

A pollination meadow is planned for Andy’s garden after being a temporary home to a colony of bees over the spring and summer of this year. The pollinator garden is irrigated and will be filled with catmint, lavender, Russian sage, blue beard, Dutch clover, pussy willow and many, many annuals.  My native plantings are just a nano second bee flight away in the grass and conifer gardens near by.  Bob and Melanie from Stanley, NM, shared their hives and helped me overcome my fear of bees as I watched one hive become two. A sincere thank you goes to them for teaching me and starting me on this humbling and surprisingly long path. Because of their efforts, learning about honey bees, wild bees and other pollinators is now an all consuming passion. On the day before Easter of next year I will be motoring down to Roswell to pick up two 3# honey bee packages. This way I can start developing two hives. I am so excited!

The garden, my  continuing obsession/compassion, will still have the same numbering system identifying perennials, trees and shrubs. They will have stronger and taller wire stakes making them easier to find and read. Containers will be featured and highlighted this year. I’ll be having classes in April showing how you can grow and maintain beautiful containers. The classes will be free with a daily admission or to those who hold garden memberships. Amber Griffiths, my learned weeding and deadheading companion, will be doing a tour of the wildlife conifer garden. She will concentrate on identification and how to use native evergreens in your garden. Beth Dennis, a trained Bach flower practitioner, will be giving a talk on Bach Flower remedies and how they can improve your life. Dates and times to be announced on this site, in this memo, and under garden events in January 2020.

Last year I stopped writing this memo at the end of October and started up again in January. I’ll be doing the same this year. This is my last entry until January 1, 2020. These next  two months are a time of reflection for us, to think about what worked this year and what didn’t. Like the bees, now resting and taking care of themselves, we will still be buzzing and forming new ideas and plans for the coming year. Sharing them with you in the new year will be our pleasure.

We wish you a very happy holiday season and hope to see you next year.

Monika and the Boys