Parker Memo


Congratulations! You and your garden have made it through some of the most challenging months of the growing year. September is your reward. That beautiful container you put together this spring is still making ou happy every morning. Then there’s the new tomato variety you found at the nursery and discovered it made a simple sandwich extraordinary. Every beautiful vista and view is due to your persistence and dedication in the face of numerous obstacles. It’s time to note your successess; pat yourself on the back for all of your efforts, and enjoy the next few months. You’ve earned it.

While basking in this bounty and beauty, make sure to make a note of what worked well. Failures will be easy to remember.  Keeping track of what thrives will help you plan next year’s garden with success already built-in. I repeat many of my favorite plants that thrive with little care in my garden. Some of my favorites are Salvia, Penstemon, Ajuga, Vinca Major, and Columbine. My favorite containers this year are filled with Calabrocha and Heliotrope. My favorite herb, also in a container is Emerald Towers Basil.

I hope your gardens have become a refuge for you. Our disappointments with and in the world are kept at bay by continuing to do the work we do. I garden every day just as always, and the boys are busy restoring the sales area. Yesterday I pruned the dead branches off of the impossibly thorny Woodsii roses. In the midst of the relentless physicality, I looked up and saw the light coming through the giant old, old Catalpa tree. Each huge leaf  was a brilliant limey green. How can I tell you how lovely that was? A completely different kind of ache from the one that invades my bones. A memory that I’ll keep to crowd out the difficulties and hardships of the day. We are so lucky to be gardeners in these most frenetic and seemingly hopeless times.

I’m looking forward to cooler weather. At the least, we can count on the earth to turn and our gardens to change with it.

Best as always,

Monika and the Boys