Parker Memo


The card above was a thank you card from my daughter. We hadn’t seen each other in person for two years, and she wanted to wish me a happy birthday and thank me for making our family visit a happy one. We had Skyped and called, but seeing them, being with them, loving them was like finding a buried treasure, our days filled with discovery, and adventure. It reminded me that gardening is also a treasure much looked after in delight, just like a family.

A few weeks ago, Ricky and I visited a garden tended by customers who became our friends. Twenty-some years ago, they began their garden, developing a space that precisely reflects who they are. They surrounded themselves with native trees and shrubs in a thoughtful design that creates a sanctuary for themselves and their home. For years they have nurtured and cared for their plant family. As we walked through the garden, they shared their joys and disappointments as any parents who cherish their children would do. They pointed to a happy outcome over here, a not-so-happy ending there, all said with hope in their hearts and a wish for more time to be with it all. Every day they make life beautiful.

That is where you come in, you, who have taken gardening into your lives as you would a family member, always giving, forever nurturing, alway working through the best and worst of it. You make life beautiful, and we, along with the rest of the world, would like to thank you .


Monika and the boys