Daily fee:   Adults 18+ $5.    Children under 18 when accompanied by an adult are free.  Garden Members get in every weekend, all season free. Annual Adult Membership:   Adults 18 and over $25. Allows free garden entry for 45 garden days from April through July. Free early bird entrance to the garden at 9 am. Free entrance to garden information classes.

April Classes: Landscaping With Containers. April 4th, 18th, and 25th at 9 are in the garden. April 4th: Selecting soils, watering issues, fertilizing, environmental concerns, and how to build a container for all four seasons. April 18th: choosing and combining plants, selecting containers, and a container planting demonstration. April 25th. Grooming plants to keep your containers beautiful, basic troubleshooting, overwintering containers, and using containers in the landscape.


We do not host weddings or any other group events. We do not give school tours, club tours or rent space for family reunions. We do not allow food in the garden. Coffee, tea, and water are available in the garden. Photos are allowed for personal use only. No tripods. No dogs or pets allowed.


Please enjoy the garden quietly and respect everyone’s experience. You will be asked to leave if you are disturbing others. Please keep your children near you. Out of control children disturb everyone and are destructive. Their safety should also be your concern. This garden is visited by rattlesnakes and contains many poisonous plants. Stay on the grass, dirt and gravel pathways. Please don’t pick off the flowers or the seed pods. We collect the seeds to grow plants for next year. Stay out of the pond. Preserve the beauty that you see for others and especially for the family who works every day to make the garden beautiful for you. The garden is a small oasis of calm and not a city park recreational area. Lawn games are not allowed. We are not funded by any local or federal taxes and maintain this garden with entrance fees and our own money. We welcome you as our guests. Please be respectful of our home.


Ricky, Monika and Andy